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Here is whats New at Clean By Annie B:

This holiday season brings two new limited production soaps:

Maple Clean & Freshly Minted.

Maple Syrup Soap

Looks good enough to eat...

But don't.

See Maple Clean

Candy Cane Soap!

A limited supply of our Freshly Minted Candy Cane Soap is back for the holidays. Makes for a perfect stocking stuffer.

See Freshly Minted

Hand Crafted Soaps

Keep calm and wash your hands.

Daily Grind is back in stock!

Choose from our fine "Tiger Licks" grind or our course "X-treme" grind. 

Try Tiger Licks

Member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild

An International trade association serving the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry

Buy Five 5oz Bars and Get $5 Off

Respect your skin...

After all... You wear it EVERY day.

We Have A Perfect Soap For You!

Large 5oz hand cut Bars

Wedding and Event Favors!

Custom Order Your Favorite Soaps as gifts.

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Now Available!


"After using the Chocolate Tormint soap for a while, my chronically dry skin is almost healed. My doctor was even surprised, as they wanted to know why I hadn't come back for my prescription lotion refill. I have tried everything over the years & nothing ever touched my dry skin, my boyfriend even commented on how much my skin had changed. 

I never ever thought soap would solve all of my cracking, dry skin, but it did. I'm sold, no more gross prescription lotions for me!"


“Absolutely love every product I have tried from Clean by Annie B! From the scent free soaps to the fact none of the soaps have dried out my skin, it's all a big win-win for me. You will not be disappointed!.” 

Dawn N.

"I absolutely love this soap! It's not perfumy at all. In fact, it smells like it's name. Clean. I've used this product for about three weeks now and have noticed that my skin no longer has that dry, pulled feel. I swim a lot so had issues with the white marks if I scratched my arm or leg. That is no longer the case. The best thing about it though? It doesn't leave a sticky or fake feeling to your skin after you use it. I hate moisturizers because of that. No problem with this soap. I have had no issues with bath rings in the tub or the tub floor being slippery after using it. Love this product! I highly recommend it to anyone that just wants to be CLEAN and not be overwhelmed with smells or fake feeling skin after."


"Been using Clean Yo Ash for a little over a week and I love it! My skin is softer and the acne on my arms is gone. Being from Florida, this heat destroys skin. I'm in love with this soap. Hubby has even asked to snag it for himself. Thanks guys!"

Brandi M.

"Love the product (laundry soap) - works wonders on my clothes for a natural way to wash my things and works wonders on stains. "


"Oh my gosh, I love this stuff (Bee Balm)! My hands and feet are so cracked and dry and this has helped so much. It's not greasy or slimy. I love it!"


"What is key for me is that I don't itch after I use it. I have very sensitive skin but my skins likes your soap!"


"I have been anticipating the premier introduction of The Original Clean soaps by AnnieB! Well they arrived and I indulged in a warm bath with my new soap! My skin felt like I was 20 soft. Thank you AnnieB for another Outstanding product! You have done so well.....Congratulations!"


"Smooth, clean, everything about it is perfect. It's making even my face soft. Shipping was perfect. I'll keep buying from Annie B."

Mandarin Sunrise

Our newest blend of essential oils.

Cocoa & Peppermint

Nourish your senses as you nourish your skin...

Specialty Soaps

Limited Production

A Perfect Gift for Anyone!


Long lasting Chunky Large Soap Bars


Decorative Soap Flowers custom made for your special event.

Our philosophy

We make high quality soap you can feel good about... 
They clean your body and nourish your skin without unnecessary additives or artificial colors.
All hand crafted using ingredients that leave skin feeling renewed, soft, and healthy.

We believe that your skin is very important, after all it's the largest organ of the human body and exposed to a lifetime of environmental abuse.  

If you are aware of the benefits of eliminating trace chemicals from your life, please join us in eliminating them from your Soap.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is your soap so amazing?
​It’s all about the ingredients...
Clean by Annie B’s bar soap is full of the best ingredients and free of the nasty stuff that doesn’t belong in your soap or on your body. What can you expect from this bar of awesomeness? Skin that is so soft, you may just break up with your favorite body lotion. Antioxidant rich, our soap helps to nourish your skin.  Finally, our soap is soothing to skin because many of our ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory properties so it’s great for those with sensitive skin or who have skin conditions.

Do you have a soap that is good for exfoliation?
Indeed we do...  Our "Daily Grind" is a beast when it comes to exfoliating those rough areas.  It's coffee grounds are more abrasive than most of the other exfoliating products we have personally tried so be gentle on yourself and follow up with our soothing Honey Oatmeal or goat's milk soap.  Our A.C.G. soap has an x-tremely exfoliating bottom half and our "Salt of the Earth" soaps are also great exfoliators.

How long will one bar of soap last?
Our bar soaps are generous portions at 5oz each. When you consider that your average bar of "Dial" soap is 3.5oz "Irish spring" is 3.2oz, etc you are getting more soap in each bar and the relatively square shape tends to wear more evenly than your typical commercial soap brands.  Our soaps actually start around 6.5oz when they are first cut but lose weight during the curing process where the water evaporates from the soap which in turn hardens the bar and adds to its longevity. It really depends on how many people are in your home using the soap and how many times per day you use it but the general consensus is it lasts longer than people expect it too.  

​I will add that having a ton of fantastic soaps in our home has led to no less than five soaps in the shower area at all times... This one to exfoliate...  This one for all over.... This one on the face just for good measure.  Showering becomes less of a task and more of an experience. :)